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  • Allison Houghton

Payroll Tips & Tricks


Is your payroll driving you mad?

Management , organisation and execution of payroll are key.

It needn't be difficult, these tips and tricks could make the process a whole lot easier:

1, Always know your deadlines - have a system in place to alert you of our deadlines

2, Invest in a robust payroll software solution - this will automate the process for you

3, Get good support for your payroll software - help at hand to save you stress

4, Be a stickler for detail - sloppy mistakes only lead to problems

5, Keep up with payroll legislation - Changes in regulation may affect your payroll

6, Invest in payroll software training - be more efficient

7, Have a back up plan - crucial in a growing business

8, Consider Outsourcing your Payroll - Saving you time Saving your money!

If you want to know how much you could save by taking your payroll processing from in-house to outsource, we provide FREE quotations.

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