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 A bookkeeper can help to clarify anything that is confusing about your figures and identify the cause of irregularities, your financials tell a story, but understanding your story is the ingredient to your businesses long-term success.

We recognise that not all small businesses and sole traders are in a financial position to employ an experienced full time Management Accountant but would benefit from the experience and value they could bring to your business.


Your own dedicated Management Accountant helping you to achieve your goals.


We can provide you with regular accurate reporting on your Business performance, with effective management reporting you will be able to seize opportunities as they arise and act quickly when identifying problems.

​​Saving you time, saving your money.

Business-ology can help ....

Management Accounts

Business-ology can provide you with monthly, quarterly or half yearly Management Accounts to assist you with your financial business decisions and to allow you to monitor your business performance.


A monthly set of Management Accounts makes it very easy to compare costs month to month, and to expectations. Often savings can be found by analysing costs in mote detail.

Cashflow forecasts, Budgeting and Targets


Usually business leaders will have an idea of where they want their business to go, and how it should perform. Often reality is different from expectations. The difficult part is spotting where those differences lie.


Budgets and forecast can easily be integrated into Management Accounts, providing a visual aid to easily see the specific causes of any variances.

Efficiency Improvements

Usually business owners will have a good idea of how much they have sold during the year, and a grasp of regular costs, however it can be difficult to monitor varying margins, exceptional costs, one-off projects and anything else out of the norm.

It can also be difficult to factor in accounting concepts such as accruals and depreciation. This can often mean that the year end results are far from expectations

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