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SHAVING you time SHAVING you money!

Allison Houghton, one of Business-ology's directors has embarked on a mission to raise awareness for Epilepsy, what it is and how it effects peoples lives.

Epilepsy is a condition that causes people to have seizures spirodically, for some people it can be once a month and for other multiple times a day. The seizures are unique to each person and come with varying side effects from tiredness, memory loss and in most cases an injury. Our director Allison has battled with the condition since birth and throughout her life had to overcome various challenges around the condition, from bullying in school, funny looks in the street and even discrimination in the workplace.

Only in recent years has she managed to get the help she needed through the NHS, following a long and drawn out process.

Our mission is to raise money and awareness for this condition and how it can massiveley effect people lives and standard of living.

Epilepsy is caused by an abnormality in the brains structure that can cause people to have seizures, in different shapes and sizes. The siezures effect different people in different ways and are unique to each person, but ultimately they have a negative effect on their standard of living and the way they conduct their days.

Any seizure can be life changing in various ways from starving the brain of oxygen causing brain damage and hurting your self during a siezure, or in a lot of cases causing an injury during the fall as the seizure starts, where you could land on something, hit something, or more importantly you could sustain a fatal injury from hitting your head, or simply drowning in the bath.

Unfortunately, there isn't a vast amount of publicity around epilepsy and therefore a large lack of support and infrastructure around help obtain a diagnosis or even the medication the can potentially assist bench seizures or reduce their intensity. an attempt to raise money and awareness, Allison will be switching from saving people time and saving them money to SHAVING time and SHAVING money!

Yes you guessed it Allison is going to shave her head in her bid to raise money and awareness!

Allison has opted to shave her head as our way of raising money for the condition as it will show the scars incured from falling into seizures, where she had fell on things or hit her head. Over the years Allison has had an endless amounts of glue and staples in her head following her injuries. Business-ology and Allison would deeply appreciate all the help, support and

publicity we can get behind what we are tyring to achieve in helping those that suffer with what is a horrible condition to live with!

On March 24th Allison will be shaving her hair off in aid to raise money, in the Business-ology office at 12:00! Please click the link below to donate towards her courageous act to help better other peoples lives who struggle everyday with this condition.

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