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What are the benefits of a Bookkeeper?

Many Business owners, particularly start ups, try to save money doing everything themselves.

This can cause a lot more trouble than it’s worth in the long run.


A bookkeeper can help to clarify anything that is confusing about your figures and identify the cause of irregularities, your financials tell a story, but understanding your story is the ingredient to your businesses long-term success.

Do you want to remove the biggest headache involved with running your own Business?

Business-ology provide a flexible service with a tailor made package to suit your business needs. With fixed monthly pricing options available including unlimited help and advice throughout the year, which is half the cost of using an Accountant!

This will assist us to determine and tailor the most cost effective package for your business, helping you to achieve your goals and vision.


Do you maintain manual or computerised records?

Are you looking to implement or upgrade accounting software?

We will record all of your business transactions for you either onsite, or we can take them away and return them when completed.

Business-ology can help ...


VAT registered business must:

- keep records of sales and purchases

- keep a seperate summary of VAT called a VAT account

- issue correct VAT invoices

Business-ology can help ...


Do you employ staff?

Do you pay them weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

Are you RTI compliant?

What about employee pensions?

Business-ology can help ...

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